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How it works

When you come up with a new idea, you should get real market feedback as quickly as possible. One small suggestion can be the difference between massive success and wasting time. Watch this video to see how Mount Dream works and get started now!

Mount Dream saves you time

It's almost impossible to create the life you deserve when you are wasting your time.

  1. Stop wasting time procrastinating
    Mount Dream sets your idea into motion and can give you the confidence to run with your idea.
  2. Stop wasting time on dead-end ideas
    Mount Dream helps you better determine if you are wasting your time on a bad idea — run away!
  3. Stop wasting time executing good ideas in the wrong way
    Mount Dream helps you fine tune your idea, so you don’t waste time and money going down the wrong path.

Which of these sound most like you?

Student cyan

I have an idea that I think might work, but I’m not totally sure if it’s good enough to put my time and money into.

That's me!
Idea cyan

I have an idea that I really believe in, but I’m not sure about some of the details and that’s holding me back.

That's me!

I am executing my idea, but I want some additional guidance on certain areas.

That's me!

Not sure which one to choose? Contact Customer Care today and we’ll help you decide!


Real customers that Mount Dream helped save time (and in some cases, thousands of dollars going in the wrong direction)

Stop asking your friends and family “what they think”

With Mount Dream, you can:

  1. Put your idea into action.

    Without action, an idea can go no where.

  2. Make sure your idea is good.

    Find out before spending lots of time or money.

  3. Better understand your potential customers.

    Make better decisions and reach success quicker.

  4. Show proof of market interest to investors.

    Add substance to your pitch.

  5. Line up potential customers.

    Generate revenue quickly or find beta testers.

  6. Get “outside the box” ideas.

    A wide variety of perspectives to enhance the value you bring customers.

  7. Passion comes from traction.

    Motivation comes from knowing that you are onto something.

The highest quality feedback from great minds

Focus groups will cost you thousands of dollars and the quality of the feedback is not guaranteed.

Home quality feedback

Our members provide feedback that is honest, thoughtful, and encouraging.

100% Quality Response Guarantee. If a response is not useful, you don't pay for it.


Is my idea safe on Mount Dream?
Please review our page on Idea Safety. We would also recommend you read our blog post about overcoming the fear of your idea getting stolen.

Who is giving the feedback on ideas?
The feedback is provided by consumers and business experts in our network. They signed up to provide feedback because they genuinely want to help entrepreneurs starting new businesses. We maintain an extremely high quality standard, because response is screened for quality by our staff and unhelpful responses are deleted.

Do I need a mockup or physical prototype to post my idea?
Nope! All you need is an idea you believe in and the courage to take action. We built Mount Dream so you can get ideas out of your mind and into the real world as quickly as possible.

Don’t let your dream slip away

Pursue your dream

The first step in living your dream is making sure customers see value in your idea.

Post Your Idea

Help someone pursue their dream

Give honest, thoughtful and encouraging feedback on new business ideas, and earn points that can be redeemed for products from American entrepreneurs.

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